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import parameters def fieldordering(b,params): r''' Return the output of the Classic McEliece FieldOrdering function on input b for the specified parameters. INPUT: "b" - a list of sigma2*t bits "params" - a Classic McEliece parameter set ''' assert isinstance(params,parameters.parameters) m = params.m q = params.q Fq = params.Fq z = Fq.gen() sigma2 = params.sigma2 # "takes a string of sigma_2 input bits" b = list(b) assert len(b) == sigma2*q # "Take the first sigma_2 input bits b_0,b_1,...,b_{sigma_2-1} # as a sigma_2-bit integer a_0 = b_0 + 2b_1 + ... + 2^{sigma_2-1} b_{sigma_2-1}, # take the next sigma_2 bits as a sigma_2-bit integer a_1, # and so on through a_{q-1}." a = [sum(b[j*sigma2+i]<<i for i in range(sigma2)) for j in range(q)] # "If a_0,a_1,...a_{q-1} are not distinct, return False." if len(set(a)) < q: return False # "Sort the pairs (a_i,i) in lexicographic order # to obtain pairs (a_{pi(i)},pi(i)) # where pi is a permutation of {0,1,...,q-1}." api = sorted((a[i],i) for i in range(q)) # now api[i] is (a[pi[i]],pi[i]) # "Define alpha_i = sum_{j=0}^{m-1} pi(i)_j*z^{m-1-j} # where pi(i)_j denotes the jth least significant bit of pi(i)." alpha = [sum((1&(api[i][1]>>j))*z^(m-1-j) for j in range(m)) for i in range(q)] # "Output (alpha_0,alpha_1,...,alpha_{q-1})." return alpha # ----- miscellaneous tests def test1(): for system in parameters.alltests: P = parameters.parameters(system,allowtestparams=True) m = P.m q = P.q Fq = P.Fq sigma2 = P.sigma2 numsuccess = 0 for loop in range(10): b = [randrange(2) for j in range(sigma2*q)] alpha = fieldordering(b,P) if alpha != False: numsuccess += 1 assert len(alpha) == q assert len(set(alpha)) == q assert sorted(alpha) == sorted(Fq) print('fieldordering %s numsuccess %d' % (system,numsuccess)) sys.stdout.flush() if __name__ == '__main__': test1()