Classic McEliece

The latest Classic McEliece software is included in the SUPERCOP benchmarking package. The software is in the public domain. The software is constant-time: there is no data flow from secrets to branch conditions etc.

Publicly verifiable cycle counts on an Intel Haswell (titan0):

quartile median quartile
151228 153940 158492 mceliece6960119 enc
184652 188520 194728 mceliece8192128 enc
317464 318088 318908 mceliece6960119 dec
342828 343756 344296 mceliece8192128 dec
566753996 1108833108 1654211360 mceliece6960119 keygen
666027204 1173074192 1456199624 mceliece8192128 keygen

Earlier software submitted to NIST: See the submission package.

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